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Sun Ultra 5 hung at ok prompt.

807557 Member Posts: 35,835
Hi All,

I installed a fresh copy of solaris 8 on the ultra5, everything is working properly until,

i wanted to boot without keyboard, i went to the ok prompt and type 'setenv input-device ttyl'

thing started going wrong from here.

1. The system startup process:

boot device: disk:a file and args:
sunos release 5.8 version generic_108528-13 64bit

from here the system hung, then i press 'Stop+a' for ok prompt.

ok prompt presented but it also hung at this point.

there is really nothing i can do now.

I tried using a serial cable to connect to all possible serial port but my hyperterminal shows nothing (keyboard unplugged).

Can someone advise me on this?


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