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monitor is not displaying any output

807557 Member Posts: 35,835
Hi all,

I have sun ultra 25 workstation with solaris 10 OS with SUN XVR-300 graphics card. my problem is that monitor is not displaying any output however monitor is fine with another workstation.

when I powered on workstation, front panel shows green light.but monitor is not showing any output. however VGA cable and monitor is OK.

I am in trouble PLZ help me ASAP.



  • 807730
    807730 Member Posts: 301
    Can you please post the part number for the Graphics Accelerator.
  • 799949
    799949 Member Posts: 348
    don't you need a monitor/keyboard to get the frame buffer to work???

  • 807557
    807557 Member Posts: 35,835
    I have also display problem, i use ibm desktop, more quite days the colour of monitor goes red. then i put some piece of paper between display jack & cpu body, then colour is ok, but when when i inserted new VGA card in mother board, when machine reboot it shows good colour of windows logos and ten the monitor display blank, i remove the VGA card, ram, cell, processor, all the cables & then restart but again no display, when i remove vga card, the monitor display no cable also blink light of monitor goes green but when i insert the wire the blink light goes yellow & one more there is no light in keyboard, when i inserted the keyboard slightly light blinks then it goes off, whereas the cpu starts smoothly.
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