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Just acquired a Sun Ultra 10 workstation

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I have just inherited - marked for disposal - a Sun Ultra 10 workstation. I have always wanted to experiment with building my own desktop and wondered if anyone had any thoughts as to which hardware I would need to buy in order to bring it up to scratch - if that is possible.

I have taken it home and tried to use it with my own (Vista) screen and while the tower works it is not connecting as it should (no signal) to the screen.

Many thanks.



  • Unknown
    edited Jul 6, 2009 3:05PM
    You already posted this question, approximately 10 days ago,
    and have responses to your inquiry.

    Keep in mind that you'll get no output to any screen until you connect a Sun-branded keyboard-and-mouse kit. Do NOT force a PS/2 keyboard into the systemboard port else you'll damage it.

    That screen must also be capable of displaying Sun's default resolution of 1152x900 at a vertical refresh of 60Hz. If the monitor cannot do that, it will commonly stay black.

    Stay with your original forum thread. This "duplicate" will likely get deleted as being a double-post.
  • 807557
    807557 Member Posts: 35,835
    Hello rukbat

    Thanks for yoyr reply.

    Sorry, I didn't realise it had been posted - let alone answered.

    Thanks for your useful information about the monitor.


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