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SUN Ultra 40 M2 + RAID-5

We are currently running a U40M2 as a server, running RAID-5 over 3 disks for a total of 1.82 Tb.
This is on WinXP.

We having it working - but we are seeing a problem with the NVIDIA control panel, specifically the SMART monitoring system. While it all works fine and seems quite stable, the monitoring service is warning about failure on one or more disks.

I have seen official specs telling that only RAID-0 and RAID-1 is supported. However, our supplier has told us that this is not the case.
- What is the "truth" on this matter? Are there special drivers that we need to know about?
- Does anyone know if the problem is real, and not the "imagination" of the SMART monitoring service?

I heard from another source that mounting non-Sun HDs could be a problem on the U40M2 - that it has some kind of controller that raises hell when encountering non-Sun drives.
- Can anyone confirm or deny this?

I hope someone can help us :)
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