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Information on Sun Ultra 5/10 PSU regarding 6-pin AUX power connector

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I've been messing around and reviving my old Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 machines. I've been considering upgrading the ATX power supply to something more modern, quiet, and 80Plus. From the hardware documentation, I have already confirmed that the 20-pin ATX main power connector is exactly as specified for ATX v1.3. So, any modern ATX PSU with a 20-pin or 20+4-pin main power connector should suffice in that area. However, on the Ultra 10, the 6-pin AUX power is also used. I'm guessing this is probably to power the UPA graphics stuff (Creator3D/Elite3D/etc.) since the Ultra 5 has the connector on the motherboard but the PSU doesn't supply any power to that 6-pin.

Looking at the 6-pin connector, it is orange-orange-orange-black-black-black. Typically, on PC hardware, this 6-pin is red-orange-orange-black-black-black. Does this mean Sun used a slighty different 6-pin AUX? I.e., instead of 2x 3.3V + 1x 5V line, does Sun use 3x 3.3V lines? I suppose I can just measure it, but it would be nice to have a 2nd opinion just so when I do measure it, I have some confirmation of what i'm seeing from someone else.

As FYI for anyone else, the U5 with a 10K RPM SCSI disk and 'glm' based SCSI controller draws only 60-65W, while the U10 with Elite3D draws almost 130W!!!! I'm hoping i can find an appropriately spec'd modern PSU since the power requirements on these things are so low!

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