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dvd reading in sun ultra 40

i have an ultra 40 machine with an built-in MATSHITA DVD-RAM. i also have an external dvd writer. i use the external dvd writer usually, expect for booting from the optical drive. i have a dual-boot solaris/linux on my machine. now i have want to upgrade my linux. when i try to read a dvd using the built-in drive it refuses to read the dvd (no problems with the disk). it can read only cds on this drive. what could be the problem? i had got this machine 2.5 years back, and i was able to read dvds on this machine then. i had upgraded the bios around 2 years back. is it something to do with the bios or os, or is it the different dvd-format problem. how can i confirm this? and is it possible to overcome this problem. thanks.
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