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SUN ULTRA 45 fan to loud

807557 Member Posts: 35,835
It's posible to set a limit of the rpm of the fan or to set a variable rpm adjustment.
I have a SUN ULTRA 45 Workstation and my Problem is: when the fan is turn on only with maximum rpm.
The processor is to 10% used to capacity. The fan runns one minute and than stopt. 5 minutes late the same...
This fan is extrem loud, this isn't practicable in my office.


  • 807557
    807557 Member Posts: 35,835
    Yes : you need two little cables and a Sun .pkg software called fanctl. The cable installation on the motherboard is relatively easy, you can make that yourself. The soft needs no any parametrage, it works automatically after installation (pkgadd).

    To obtain both cables + fanctl, the only way i know is to open a thread by the hotline of your country. Hopefully is your woikstation under garanty, otherwise maybe it's possible to get both paying ?
  • 807557
    807557 Member Posts: 35,835
    You can also first try something with the powermanagement via the CDE control panels or directly adding following lines in the /etc/power.conf :

    cpupm enable
    cpu-threshold 15s

    Then :

    # pmconfig

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