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Ultra 20 M Networking

807557 Member Posts: 35,835
I have an Ultra 20 workstation that I have been running Vista on. I replace the SATA drive with a new on and have been running it daily in the top bay.

I recently put the old drive in the second bay to be able to dual boot the Solaris 10 install there. I got the drive reconfigured to properly boot but I can not seem to get dhcp to work properly.
I have also tried to bind a static IP address and set my default route to my DSL router but cannot ping it.

I downloaded the most recent Solaris 10 upgrade and toolkit in case there was an updated driver that I needed but I have the most current patch applied.

I booted from the CD to see if the network would configure and I can set DHCP and I get and IP assigned (although it is very slow to negotiate) but still i can not ping the gateway (router)

Are there any suggestions?



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