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XVR-1200 Display Issues -- DVI Not Cooperating, Need Help!

Hey there;

I have a Sun Blade 2500 (red) with an XVR-1200 card in it. I am running Solaris 10 (the latest download off Sun) and I am attempting to drive two Acer 24-inch AL2146W B monitors. These monitors have both DVD-D inputs and the old 15-pin inputs as well.

When I plug these monitors straight into the DVI ports using DVD-D cables that definitely work with these monitors -- I have another workstation with two XVR-1000's and these monitors work great on the DVI-ports on that machine -- I get nothing. The monitors report "no signal". However, fbconfig -prconf reads the "Monitor Type" correctly.

When I whip out the the DVI - to -VGA converters and plug the monitors in via the 15 pin inputs, the monitors work; however the pixels are kinda shimmery, like there's a timing problem. The monitors report a H: 73.4 KHz V: 59.5 Hz refresh rate, which is slightly off from what is expected.

I am trying to use the 1920x1200x60 resolution for both monitors and I have them in DoubleWide mode. fbconfig -propt and -prconf are pasted in below. I have been able to find absolutely no information on this, so any tips / help would be appreciated; even if the help is just "this card is broken" that would be a good to know ;)

fbconfig -propt:
--- OpenWindows Configuration for /dev/fb ---

OWconfig: machine
Video Mode: 1920x1200x60
Accum: Disabled (do not allocate an accumulation buffer)

Multisample Information:
Multisample Mode: Disabled (multisample visuals will not be available)
Samples Per Pixel: N/A (multisampling disabled)

Screen Information:
DoubleWide: Enabled
DoubleHigh: Disabled
Output Configuration: Direct
Offset/Overlap: [0, 0]

Visual Information:
Default Visual: Non-Linear Normal Visual
Visual Ordering: Linear Visuals are last
Overlay Visuals are last
Gamma Correction Value: 2.22
Gamma Correction Table: Available
Fake8 rendering: disabled
Default Visual Depth (defdepth): 24

fbconfig -prconf:
--- Hardware Configuration for /dev/fb ---

Type: XVR-1200
Sun Serial Number: 3753101009413
Hardware Revision: -04 rev50
Manufacture Date: Wed Sep 1 14:55:37 2004
PROM Information: @(#)jfb.fth 1.10 03/04/03 SMI

Monitor/Resolution Information:
EDID Data: Available - EDID version 1 revision 3
Monitor type: ACR product code 44385 S/N 1915749610 DOM 23W/2007
Current resolution setting: 1920x1200x60
Monitor possible resolutions: 1024x768x60, 1024x768x70, 1024x768x75,
1280x1024x60, 1280x1024x75, 640x480x60, 1920x1200x60, 1600x1200x60,
800x600x75, 1600x1200x60rb, 1680x1050x60

Framelock Configuration:
Slave Mode: Disabled

Memory Information:
Total Video Memory: 134217728
Video Memory Used: 74711040
Total Texture Memory: 268435456
Texture Memory Used: 0
Total Display List Memory: 33554432
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