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Strange crash dumps on Ultra 45

Hi all,

Since april 2008 i'm using an Ultra 45 workstation, what i got as new. The OS is Solaris 10 U5. All works fine, except the fact that i get periodically crash dumps and reboots. I can have this kind of incidents three or four times in the same day, or also no one time in an entire week.

Investigating with mdb, it appears that any reason can be invoked : "bad instruction", Xsun fault, Mozilla or Firefox fault, some others... Now my idea is that this issue has no to see with the hard or the OS (or the applications), but probably parasites in the electric installation (BPL) in my home. Checking the whole installation isn't very easy, also to go back whith a pure ethernet cable, and other hand in the exactly same context, i.e. the same network BPL connextion, the same electric alimentation, the same local in the home, with my old Pentium IV PC with Solaris 10 U2 i get never any issue like this (crash dumps).

Could have anyone an idea about that, have encountered this kind of thing ? What can i try ? i'm not sure that a hotline call could be provide something useful, assuming that, as i explained, my issue doesn't seem hard or OS related, except the fact that in full x86 no problem.


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