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Bad Magic Number in Disk Label


I am trying to install opensolaris 2009.06 on a Sun Sunblade150. When trying to boot from CDrom I am
getting the following message:

Bad Magic Number in Disk Label
Can't open disk label package
Evaluating boot cdrom
Can't open boot device

I tried installing an earlier version of Solaris with no luck. It almost appears as if there is a problem with the CD drive
itself. Using the format command (with a CD in or out) I do not see the CD drive reporting back. However, using
df -lk, I can see the disk under /vol/dev/dsk/c0t1d0/opensolaris. Someone in our shop mentioned that the previous
company might have "disabled" the drive to keep folks from installing any software.

Could this be an issue with different versions of unix?
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