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anyone know what kind of scsi hd i need to install in my ultra1

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edited Jun 28, 2002 2:18AM in Workstations General Discussion
I have an ultra1 but it only has a 2.1 gig hd. I am about to install solaris 8. will this be big enough to install a standalone workstation that will be networked and want to run apache also. If I want to install a larger HD, what kind do i need?


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    807559 Member Posts: 50,786
    You would be install the OS along with the apache, but i dont think that you would get more than approx. 700 mb for data storage. Also while installation you can choose not to install some of the packages which can help you in getting more disk space.
    You can also use 4.2 gb drives on the machine.
    For more information please check the website under hardware section.

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    807559 Member Posts: 50,786

    the internal harddisk-drives use a SCA (Single Connector Attachment/Adapter) interface. You can either use an original Sun part or a third party drive with this interface.
    The connector combines the separate signal-, powersupply- and jumper-connectors (SCSI ID, termination on/off, etc).
    Advantage of Sun part: special mounting bracket included and conforms to thes rules of service contract (by Sun). Disadvantage: rather expensive
    The third party parts are less expensive, but you have to obtain the special mounting bracket (expensive and not easy to come by) and must once "label" (wite partitioning information) the drive.

    I'm not sure if there are restrictions regarding the max. size (9, 18, 36 GB) of the drive. Maybe if the drives gets hot (high spin 10000 UPM), they are not reliable uasable as internal drives.

    P.S.: For my employer I'm buying only original Sun parts. For private use, I'm not able to.

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