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how to overcome the replicat lag

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edited Dec 1, 2010 3:59PM in GoldenGate
hi, My gg implementation is having the consraints on the source and no constraints on the reporting target db. i am replicating 5 schemas All the parameters are up and running but there is a lag of 200 hrs. So i split the replicat to 3 replicats and started again from same rba and seq no. Now the issue is 3rd replicat is overcomming the lag gradually where as the other 2 replicats are still going with the lag. I am using keycols ( primary key columnname) in the replicat parameter.

can some one suggest me to over come the lag.
Thanks in advance


  • -joe
    -joe Member Posts: 226

    You probably have updates and deletes on tables without a primary key/unique index. I suggest you go about this as you would debug any other application and trace the session and look for full table scans.

    Good luck,
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