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DDL Generation/Conversion Tools

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edited Dec 1, 2010 4:01PM in GoldenGate
I am looking for a DDL generation tool, preferably command line, that can convert DDL of one RDBMS to another - say DDL of Oracle schema/table to MySQL/SQL Server & vice-versa. I have reviewed Oracle's SQL Developer - its DDL generation is one way MySQL to Oracle, SQL Server to Oracle etc.

I would prefer a general-purpose DDL conversion tool/utility if one exists! Also, is there a way to use GGs DDLGEN for this ? I have explored this a bit but it seems all conversions are from Tandem DDL to DDL of various RDBMS.




  • -joe
    -joe Member Posts: 226

    You can use DDLGEN to perform some basic DDL between systems but you'll likely need to make modifications to the .tpl file. Otherwise you may want to look into some other paid tools on the market.

    Good luck,
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