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Can OGG capture change data set from Oracle Materialized Views ?

807403 Member Posts: 41
edited Dec 1, 2010 8:53PM in GoldenGate
Hi Gurus,

We have 3 DB .
1st one is for application . 2nd one is staging where data will come via Materialized Views i.e. we have MView log on DB_1 and have MView on DB_2 . MViews are getting refreshed incrementally everday .

Now a new requirement has come so we need to pass the data from DB_2 to a new database DB_2 .
If OGG can capture and replicate incremental data from Miews then we can go along with OGG .

Can any one confirm the above ?



  • -joe
    -joe Member Posts: 226
    Hi Pujan,

    Yes. There are some restrictions mentioned in the section Limitations of support for materialized page 8 of the Oracle Installation and Setup Guide 11g Release 1 found here:

    Good luck,
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