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Golden Gate Problem !

656101 Member Posts: 34
edited Dec 2, 2010 3:56AM in GoldenGate
I use Windows XP and when I try to run ggsci I get the following error:
ggsci is not a valid Win32 application

what is the problem?


  • MikeN
    MikeN Member Posts: 262 Red Ribbon
    edited Dec 2, 2010 3:56AM
    It could be that you did not download the Windows 32-bit version of the software. Perhaps you got the non-windows version, or the 64-bit version, or the Itanium version...?

    Other possibilities:
    <li> If you are sure you've got the right download, try unzipping again using 7-zip or WinZip instead of cygwin -- sometimes permissions on the exe's may be set funny on the files if using cygwin "unzip".
    <li> From the cmd prompt, if "." isn't in your PATH, you may have to type ".\ggsci" (or as Unix/Linux users have to do: "./ggsci")

    The only download you need is (assuming your source & target database is in fact Oracle) => "Oracle GoldenGate on Oracle v11. Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)". Of course if either your source or target database is something else (e.g., DB2, Teradata, MySQL, MS SqlServer, Sybase, etc, etc), then download the appropriate version of GoldenGate for that database. (If you're database isn't listed on edelivery, open an SR for a build request. Odds are, there's already a build available on the support site.)

    The link to [the other thread|] posted by 'jath' doesn't have any useful info in it, unfortunately (in fact it's just plain wrong). It's an older thread (a few months ago), so I won't revive it. But I'll correct it here so that people aren't misled:
    <li> The (very big) download "Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Media Pack" (the multi-gigabyte bundle) contains of all sorts of middleware/fusion-related stuff. You don't need that if you're just doing GoldenGate. All you need is the OGG distro -- a single zip file, anywhere from 20-60MB -- that you just unzip & run. (Of course you need a database, too... unless you're using the OGG adapters...)
    <li> The "Oracle GoldenGate Application Adapters for JMS and Flat File Media Pack" is for non-database sources & targets; for example,
    <li>"capturing" JMS messages via the JMS adapter (possibly to be applied to a target database using normal GoldenGate); or
    <li> sending "captured" data to JMS (possibly captured from a source database using normal GoldenGate); or
    <li> writing out "captured" data to flat files, commonly used to import the flat files into a database or ETL tool.
    <li> Veridata is used to compare a source & target database to see if they are "in sync". It can be used independently of the GoldenGate replication software.

    Hope it helps,

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