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OGG-00146 Error while Extracting from mysql

Caterin Huang
Caterin Huang Member Posts: 10
edited Dec 30, 2010 4:02AM in GoldenGate
Dear all,
I am trying to use goldengate 11 to extract data from mysql 5.1. I have tried the step that alienman give in previous thread 2138617

I am managed to install goldengate in mysql and the manager is already running succesfully. but the problem is when we try to configure extract from my sql, we always get an error like this
ERROR OGG-00146 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, ext1.prm: VAM
function VAMInitialize returned unexpected result: error 600 - VAM Client Report <CAUSE OF
FAILURE : Log index file does not exist,please check if binary logging is enabled - /var/l
ib/mysql//ida-bin.index WHEN FAILED : While initializing binary log configuration WHERE FAI
LED : MySQLBinLog Reader Module CONTEXT OF FAILURE : No Information Available!>.
2010-12-22 22:56:41 ERROR OGG-01668 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for MySQL, ext1.prm: PRO

fyi, we have set the log-bin in my.cnf. even we have start the mysql using --log-bin option. but, I don't know why goldengate still trying to look for log file ida-bin.index which is the default(hostname) file if there is no log-bin specified.

please,we need all your help. we really get stuck into this. any tutorial about setting extract data from mysql using golden gate is really appreciated :D


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