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impdp to a compressed tablespace

826230 Member Posts: 9
edited Dec 24, 2010 7:32PM in Advanced Compression
Hi All,

I've been given a project to test performance of an application with & without Compression.

My requirement is to import a schema from instance1 to instance2. When it resides into instance2, it should be in compressed form.

What I have tried till now?
- Pre-created a Commpressed tablespace in instance2.
- Classic exp/imp does the transfer but tables are not compressed.
- Tried datapump, but facing issue with impdp.
What attributes do I need to use so that all the tables would be compressed? Any other method for doing this?


P.S I'm no Oracle DBA, pls dont mind if my question sounds silly.


  • damorgan
    damorgan Member Posts: 14,464 Bronze Crown
    Based solely upon what you've written here's what I would do.

    1. In source schema grant select on tables to schema 2
    2. In schema 2 do the following:

    INSERT /*+ APPEND */ INTO <target_table>
    SELECT * FROM <source_schema.source_table>;

    If this is not what you need then you need to clarify your requirements and post sample DDL for the target tables.
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