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automatically commit when extract-replicat are running

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edited Jan 7, 2011 9:16PM in GoldenGate

i'm using goldengate. and i need to let any changes from source database to target database while extract from source and replicat from target are running.
can i do insert and update operations without put commit at sqlplus?

thanks for help! :)


  • As Eric said in your previous thread:

    "The extract cannot commit the source operation.
    It reads the DML data from the redo logs, and only writes it to disk when reads the commit.
    it will not do the commit for you."

    Committed operations are grabbed by GG. If operation isn't committed GG doesn't know about it. It knows only about committed operations. If an operation is taken from redo log all previous operations are committed.

    So the answer is: You cannot commit in GG.
    Sebastian Czechowski
  • 829015
    829015 Member Posts: 9
    ok, thx for the answer. :D
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