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Forum Posting Tips & Etiquette

TonyScalese Member Posts: 1,108 Bronze Trophy
edited Feb 9, 2011 1:16PM in Financial Data Management
Over the past year, the Data Management forum has seen tremendous growth. We are seeing an increasing volume of questions about infrastructure, ERPi and the application in general. Very exciting to see that people are using the forum to its fullest. There are a number of experts that are happy to share knowledge and help you solve your problem.

Before posting, please take the time to do the following:
1. Read any relevant documentation - installation, application, adaptor. FDM & EPM documentation can be found at:
2. Serarch the Knowledge Base on Oracle Support ( Select Knowledge -> Middleware -> Enterprise Performance Management -> Financial Data Quality Management

A number of common questions are answered in great detail in both of these sources.

Tips to Get a Faster, Better Answer:
1. Specify the version of FDM
2. Specify the target application type - HFM, Essbase, etc
3. Specify the source system type & version (when using ERPi)
4. If you are posting for help with a specific error, please clear the error log, replicate the error and post the ENTIRE error log contents. Please include a detail description of what you were doing in the application when the error occured

General Etiquette:

If you are posting a question, we'd ask that you:
1. Be respectful and mindful of each other's time. Posting in this forum is a voluntary exercise. Many of us that respond are consultants and share knowledge as a courtesy. Take the time to search the above sources or other postings before posting a question
2. Please create a new post for your question. Please do not post new questions to existing questions.
3. Take the time to award points for helpful or correct answers. The forums are voluntary and no one here is compensated to post. The points are a nice way to thank someone for taking the time to help you. The point system helps the responder achieve better status in the forum.
4. Remember that generally, asking for someone to send a script, document, etc is asking them to work for free or to violate the ownership of the company that has paid for that material to be created.

If you are responding to a post, please try to remember that we all started at the ground level. With our continued help, the software will only be more fully utilized and continue to be an important part of the EPM suite.


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