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delete rows issue

sdk11 Member Posts: 76
edited Apr 9, 2011 1:59AM in Advanced Compression

What are the best ways to delete few million rows from a table keeping the table available for the loads and customer access? This table has 50 million rows, and I need to retain few months’ data and delete the rest. Please let me know if you have any ideas



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    830387 Member Posts: 2
    If its one time activity do it with plql with few thousand row commited so you dont generate more undo ,
    If its repeative process partition the table based on the numbers of rows which gets partitioned to partition or partitions .
    Then just drop or truncate the partition that will be faster and efficient
    Yes when you partition make sure you are able to achieve the performance same by testing the queries normally run againt the table in Test database
    seatch asktom/this forum which has examples for similar questions
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