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EssbaseAdminServices not automatically starting after reconfig of 11.1.2

858138 Member Posts: 3
edited May 31, 2011 12:31PM in EPM System Infrastructure
Hi gurus. I have a 2 server distributed 11.1.2 environment on Win2003. Server1 is Essbase only. Server2 is Foundation, Provider Services and EAS. Recently, our db connection string changed, so we had to go back through the configuration and update with the new jdbc connection info. All went fine, however when restarting the services on Server2, EAS is not automatically starting. I have to manually start it via start->Oracle EPM System->Essbase->Essbase Admin Services->Start Essbase Admin Services (Oracle Weblogic 10). Prior to configuration of the new jdbc connect string, this started automagically. Can anyone provide assistance on how I can get this working again? Thanks!


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