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(503) Service Temporarily Unavailable

Ulap Swonte
Ulap Swonte Member Posts: 8
edited May 31, 2011 12:34PM in EPM System Infrastructure
Installed EPM on Win 2003 with SQLServer2005 (SP4). Created 2 SQL Server databases (FOUNDATION & ESSBASE). Install & Config had no problems at all. I can I can get into WebLogic Server no problem and I can start WorkSpace but whenever I try to start the Dimension Library from WorkSpace I get ...

(503) Service Temporarily Unavailable
Code: org.apache.axis.AxisFault

Description: An error occurred processing the result from the server.

Actor: none

The install was only for Foundation & Essbase and I can ALL services start except for OracleEPMSystem_Administraord_oracle_middleware_user_projects_epmsystem1ConfigurationManager

Can anyone please tell me how to resolve this?

Many thanks

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  • D_EPM
    D_EPM Member Posts: 81
    You do not need to start the OracleEPMSystem_Administraord_oracle_middleware_user_projects_epmsystem1ConfigurationManager

    While starting the services, please follow the proper startup order adn allow delay times between services.

    1. start Foundation - 3 mins
    2. start Ra framework - 2 mins
    3. Ra Framework Web - 1 min
    4. Oracle process Manager - 1 min
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