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LCM Utility Import Error:Urgent


I have exported my Shared Services native directory successfully, but i am having an issue while importing it back.
The error msg that i get is

Unable to process task-1. The migration definition file option- "ImportDimenstionMode" is unspecified for the product
registration for target.
Migration Status- Completed with errors.

The XML file that i am using is

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Package name="web-migration" description="migrating product to product">
<ConnectionInfo name="MyHSS-Connection1" type="HSS" description="Hyperion Shared Service connection" url="http://localhost:28080/interop" user="hfmsupport" password="{CSS}g++0/A2X+qCwF7kt6Jzq3Q=="/>
<ConnectionInfo name="AppConnection1" type="Application" product="HUB" description="Destination Application" HSSConnection="MyHSS-Connection1" project="Foundation" application="Shared Services"/>
<ConnectionInfo name="FileSystem-Connection2" type="FileSystem" filePath="file:/C:\Hyperion\common\import_export\[email protected] Directory\HSSBACK" HSSConnection="MyHSS-Connection1" description="Source Application"/>
<Task seqID="1">
<Source connection="FileSystem-Connection2">
<Artifact recursive="true" parentPath="/Native Directory" pattern="*"/>
<Target connection="AppConnection1">
<optionInfo name="ImportDimensionMode" value="replace"/>
<optionInfo name="Include dependent artifacts" value="true"/>

This is on version

Please suggest me some ways of overcoming this error.
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