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EPMA - Syncronizing Share Library Dimensoins to Local App View

Tinotarantino-Oracle Member Posts: 101
edited May 14, 2011 5:22PM in EPM System Infrastructure
I've noticed that whenever I syncronize a shared library dimension to a local App View dimension, the PerformanceOrder in my local App is effected.
You don't get a warning that this has occured. When you deploy you wll get an error something to the effect: Performance order is missing for Plan 1, Plan 2, etc.

To workaround this error, go in the the Peformance Order settings and move around the dimension you share Syncronized.

NOTE: The same dimension is also taken out of the Data Type Evaluation Order so you need to check that as well. This is pretty annoying since we
are maintaining local dimensions in app view and constantly sync'ing from shared library (i.e. we are in early stage development mode).

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Edited by: TinoTarantino on May 14, 2011 2:22 PM
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