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Shared Services / WebLogic Installation Problem

791664 Member Posts: 64
edited Jul 8, 2011 2:09PM in EPM System Infrastructure

I'm starting an install of on a Windows 2003 EE R2 and have run into problems with the automatic deployment of the HSS application server. It appears that the config tool cannnot "reach" or start the WebLogic admin console.

WebLogic 9.2 MP3
hyperion has been created as a WL Admin
Node Manager is running on port 5556

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome.




  • D_EPM
    D_EPM Member Posts: 81
    Create a Windows service for WL and start as a service, this would help
  • Manoj G
    Manoj G Member Posts: 222
    Is there a windows node manager service running?
  • Dr. Bloodmoney
    Dr. Bloodmoney Member Posts: 15
    edited Jul 8, 2011 2:09PM
    Are you just trying to do a standard automatic deployment? If so, the node manager doesn't really have much to do with that -- has anything been deployed on this box already?

    The first thing the config tool is going to do is deploy the admin server, then Shared Services; has the admin server itself been deployed at this point?

    Check your Hyperion Home directory and see if there's a .\deployments\Weblogic9 directory; if there is, go to .\bin under there, and look for 'startWebLogic.cmd'.

    Before running that file, open a command prompt and type:
    netstat -an | findstr 7001
    7001 is the admin server port; if it's already running, you'll see a LISTEN entry there. If you don't see a LISTEN, run startWebLogic.cmd, wait for it to start, then run the above netstat command in another command prompt. If you now see a LISTEN command, try logging into the admin server:
    Login is just 'hyperion'.
    If that works, great! Try your Shared Services deployment again.

    If there is no HYPHOME\deployments directory (this is created when the admin server is deployed), clear out the config tool log (HYPHOME\logs\config\configtool.log), try the deployment again, and then copy the pertinent sections here.

    Remember also, the config tool -- in an automatic deployment scenario -- is going to create its own weblogic profile, called hyslProfile. If you already have existing weblogic domains running on this box, Hyperion isn't going to use them -- if you do, and they aren't in use by anything, it would probably be best to just remove them. It's possible that if there's another non-hyslProfile admin server running on :7001 on that machine, the config tool could be getting confused.

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