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[] How can I pass sso_token to workspace, shared service ?

Dear All:

Refer to document "Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, Fusion Edition Administrator's Guide *", Page 23

We can pass sso_username, sso_password, sso_token to single sing-on workspace. and we have try:

http://host:port/workspace/?sso_username=#username#&sso_password=#password# (works)
http://host:port/workspace/?sso_token=#sso_token# (failed)

The sso_token is generate by shared service API authenticateByToken, code as below

CSSUserIF user = ct.authenticate("admin", "password");
String token = user.getToken();

Here is a sample of token: ZoV4uY0zZ3Azff0RPz/b29r9TRXwxP+R2+vPdNYoEKF+yfuOezkdASJyJEBa5sk0NA67pUKm63AV
so the url may be:
Error message:
You could not be authenticated with the credentials provided.
EPMCSS-00301: 无法对用户进行身份验证。凭据无效。请输入有效的凭据。

Is there anything wrong with me, any suggestion will be appreciate.

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