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EPM Installation Issues....



  • user623259
    user623259 Member Posts: 67

    Yes. I re-configured EPMA (Configure Database, Deploy to Application Server, Configure Interface Datasource).
    I did not run a second pass of Web Server Deployment though. But the EPMA Server service started now and problem solved.
    After the re-config, all the 3 services associated with EPMA were set to Automatic. THis means next time the machine restarts,
    these services start ahead of other services. Should I set all the services to Manual after install and configuration?
  • AndyT_PA
    AndyT_PA Member Posts: 62 Bronze Badge
    Yes, I usually set them to Manual on my development machine.
  • user623259
    user623259 Member Posts: 67
    Most of my issues are solved and only a single issue with HFM Service.

    The Diagnostic message showed a lot of errors related to the product launch URLs.

    I re-deployed Foundation Services to Web Server and this made all the errors go away.
    However, if I start IIS Admin Server Service, all those errors come back.
    Is there a conflict between the Oracle HTTP Server and IIS?

  • Manoj G
    Manoj G Member Posts: 222
    I would suggest just have one web server.Since HFM/FDM use IIS as its web server, configure all products to use IIS as the web server.
  • Hi Manoj,

    Yes. I did try to do that.

    In the EPM Configurator, I selected the Web Server deployment option where I saw both IIS and Oracle HTTP Server listed.
    I selected IIS and it ran successfully. But when I stop the Oracle HTTP Server service and then open the URLs for Workspace and others, they fail.
    The Diagonistics report also shows error message for all the URL testing.

    How to redeploy to IIS after initially deploying to Oracle HTTP server? I saw an entry for this in the EPM Troubleshooting guide and followed it.
    The trouble shooting guide says that I first have to install Oracle HTTP Server and then redeploy to IIS on the second pass.
    Because, in the first pass, the IIS option won't be listed in the Web Server list.

    Anything I am missing?

  • AndyT_PA
    AndyT_PA Member Posts: 62 Bronze Badge
    edited Jul 11, 2011 11:14AM
    On my system I use IIS for HFM and OHS for all the rest. Most of the config was done using the EPM System Configurator itself, with the only tinkering that I needed to do was due to my system being Win 7, and not Win Server 2k8.
    With all the errors that you are seeing when you run the diagnostics, what can and what can you not launch? I guess you could get more information on the errors and such by trying to launch the tools and checking for errors in the log files.

    Edited by: AndyT_PA on Jul 11, 2011 8:14 AM
  • user623259
    user623259 Member Posts: 67

    The Diagnostic report passes for everything except the following.

    Financial Management

    PASSED CFG: Configuration Validating that configuration tasks have been completed 0 seconds
    PASSED DB: Database Connectivity Checking connection to database jdbc:oracle:thin:@hypbi:1521:hypdb 0 seconds
    PASSED EXT: External Authentication Check Native Directory external authentication provider configuration 0 seconds
    PASSED CCFG: Financial Management Cluster Configuration Validating Financial Management cluster registration Successful... 6 seconds

    FAILED SVR: Financial Management Service Validation Verify that the Financial Management service is working.
    Error: EPMVLD-01024: The Financial Management service check failed: ERROR: while test
    Recommended Action: Verify that the HatEx utility is working. Check the hat.output file from the validation logs folder for details. 1 seconds

    PASSED SVR: Financial Management Server Registration Validating Financial Management Server registration Successful... 0 seconds
    PASSED WSVR: Financial Management Web Server Validating Financial Management Web application connection Successful... 0 seconds
    PASSED ASC: Financial Management Application Server Configuration Validating Financial Management Server registration Successful... 0 seconds
    PASSED LCM: LCM Provider Validating Financial Management LCM Provider connection Successful... 0 seconds
    PASSED REG: Configuration Checking if product has only one product node in registry. 0 seconds
    PASSED WEB: Libraries Check if all shared libraries are targeted for application "Oracle EPM Financial Management Web Service". 0 seconds
    PASSED SVCS: SmartView Provider Validating Financial Management SmartView Provider connection Successful... 0 seconds
    PASSED WEB: Web Application Availability of Web application context http://hypbi:6373/oracle-epm-fm-webservices/ApplicationService 0 seconds

    I checked the hat.output file as recommended by the above Diagnostic report and I see the following.

    ------------STARTING VALIDATION SCRIPTS----------

    File could not be opened.

    ERROR: while test

  • Manoj G
    Manoj G Member Posts: 222
    The configtool is deploying the 32 bit versions of iisproxy.dll and iisforward.dll. This causes IIS not to be able to access the Hyperion application.
    Follow the following steps to copy the 64 bit versions of iisproxy.dll and iisforward.dll files.

    Stop IIS on the machine either from IIS console or by stopping appropriate Windows Services:

    World Wide Web Publishing Service
    IIS Admin Service

    Copy iisforward.dll from


    move to $EPM_INSTANCE_HOME\<DomainName>\VirtualHosts\iisforward.dll

    Copy iisproxy.dll from


    move to every folder under $EPM_INSTANCE_HOME\<DomainName>\VirtualHosts\

    Ex: $EPM_INSTANCE_HOME\<DomainName>\VirtualHosts\workspace

    Start IIS.

    hope this helps...
  • Hi Manoj,

    Thanks. I haven't done this yet. But I hope this will fix the issue.

    How do I avoid this issue in a fresh installation of EPM?

  • Manoj G
    Manoj G Member Posts: 222

    This is a known issue, so you will run into this and will have to change the files as suggested in my earlier post.

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