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Essbase 11.1.2 Connectivity issue

user3018414 Member Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon
edited Jul 8, 2011 2:17PM in EPM System Infrastructure
I successfully completed the installation of EPM 11.1.2 in a distributed environment:

Server A: Foundation Services, Reporting and Analysis, Workspace.
Server B: Essbase Server and Essbase Studio Server

I added the external MSAD authentication directory in Shared Services.

I am able to login to EAS using either the Admin user or my AD user account. I added the Essbase Server but I am not able to expand or create any new application. I have Admin privileges. I am getting an error message stating that the user does not exist.

Also, I am not able to see the Essbase server listed under Application Groups in SS.

Please help!!!!! Am I missing any steps???? Essbase is running. I restarted all the services but it is still not working...

Thank you!


  • Manoj G
    Manoj G Member Posts: 222
    Can you please look in the essbase.log for the error it is throwing when trying to add app?Can you log on to the Essbase server via MaxL?
  • 552406
    552406 Member Posts: 194
    Could you please confirm if you have assigned Essbase role the users. Because even if you are a admin user you need to assign the Essbase Role separately.

    By default Admin user has Provisioning Manager on all products.


    Manmohan Sharma
  • user3018414
    user3018414 Member Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon
    I was able to solve the issue.

    I followed another thread with similar issues. I initially set up user directories before installing Essbase which seems to be the cause of the issue. As it was a clean installation I was able to deleted the user groups, un-install Essbase/install Essbase, set up user directories again and I was able to connect!
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