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Brio 8.5 now Installing Oracle Interactive Reporting ...

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edited Jul 19, 2011 1:57PM in EPM System Infrastructure
We are a current user of Hyperion Brio BQY reports v85 and Scheduled Reports.
1) Published BQY's
2) Scheduled BQY jobs
3) Report Designer
4) Report PlugIn

What are the required minimum components from the current platform, for on Windows 2008 32Bit, Oracle 11, Java rel?
By this I mean Java, Oracle CLient v, EPM Shared Services, etc

Since Oracle Client and Java are Oracle subcomponenets are they part of the installation or are they manually installed before the installation starts?

Any tips trics for what to encounter during the installation.

In the prior 8.5 when I uninstalled the reinstallation would fail unless I droped the tables in the Repository. Is this still the case or does an uninstall revert the database to initial format or the install handle the DB better?

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