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Does Shared Services impact Planning application perfomance?

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edited Jul 25, 2011 2:58PM in EPM System Infrastructure
My client has a fairly complex security design with a hierarchy of a large number of groups (~500) providing access to Essbase, Planning apps, dimensions, forms, task lists, etc. In addition, there is large number of users (~1000 including report viewers).

We are seeing performance issues when logging into workspace or planning directly, in addition to extended times for forms to render. Would the security design impact system performance? Or is that not a consideration, given that the essbase security filters are refreshed successfully?


  • Does this happen all the time or at certain times? As far as I know, security shouldn't impact performance. We have a pretty complicated security design here, and only time it effects users is when I have to refresh the security during business hours. Some users have complained about losing their connection to SmartView or not being able to see planning web-forms. Therefore we usually refresh security early in the morning or at night.

    The reason I asked if this happens all the time or at certain times is that there are many other reasons that could effect the performance such as calcs running in the background and using a lot of memory and cpu, many users are performing data input or ad-hoc at the same time, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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