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Solaris 10 Update 10?

bobthesungeek76036 Member Posts: 565
edited Sep 20, 2011 5:53PM in Solaris 10
Friday (2011/08/12) I went to the Solaris Download page and Update 10 was available for download. Today I go back to the page and it has reverted back to Update 9. Anybody know what's up? Has Update 10 been released or not?

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  • abrante
    abrante Member Posts: 2,485
    Well, it was released on friday, i downloaded it and upgraded my workstation to it (i tried Solaris 11, but never got it to work with three monitors over two graphic-cards).

    However it was impossible to find any "whats new" documentation regarding it, or any documentation at all. So perhaps it was released to early, or perhaps it had a severe bug.

  • The S10u10 ISO shouldn't be available until at least September. It looks like the ISO was accidentally released early but pulled quickly.
  • abrante
    abrante Member Posts: 2,485
    Also, patch 145899-05, which was a bad patch, seems to be in the release of update 10 i got.. Could be a reason too..

  • User171873
    User171873 Member Posts: 121
    edited Aug 16, 2011 9:38AM
    I downloaded it on Friday and installed it on a couple of test boxes. It works fine for me but I did have an install issue. I had rpool/export mounted as /export and I couldn't create a new Live Upgrade boot environment to do the install with that arrangement (using the LiveUpgrade which came with the update release). I had to change the ZFS mount point to /rpool/export so I could create the new BE. After doing the luupgrade I was able to put /export back.

    I assume that the release was put up last Friday in error and was later retracted. I don't know why. At this point I don't think I can move forward with the release I downloaded. First, I need to see what the release notes might have to say concerning the /export issue among other things. Second, I don't know whether the final release will be the same as the one they had up last Friday or not. I don't want to spend time on it unless I know it is the final release.

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  • 882856
    882856 Member Posts: 5
    Well that's a bit frightening isn't it? Why don't they at least put up a message on the download page for anyone who downloaded it? I heard about the new update and was about to try it since ZFS won't import my pool and I lost 200G of data. I'm glad I didn't get a chance to download it if there's a bad patch in there. I have all the problems I need with Solaris right now!
  • 883402
    883402 Member Posts: 29
    Why are you terming this as a bad patch? I am not able to find any thing in the internet. Could you let me know this?
  • User171873
    User171873 Member Posts: 121
    The patch is question is listed on the Oracle support site as having been withdrawn because is can cause a panic. The patch (145899-05/145900-05) is for which is part of SVM. So if you don't use SVM it isn't an issue; however, if you do it could be a problem.
  • FWIW - What I'm hearing from my sources is that the ISO that was available IS the Update 10 that will be released. It will be officially released when the documentation is complete. That's probably why they haven't issued some kind of "retraction statement"...
  • abrante
    abrante Member Posts: 2,485
    I guess you are right, it was probably released a bit to quickly..

    I've been running it for 10 days without any problems :) But it would still be interesting to see the 'whats new' documentation..

  • 884382
    884382 Member Posts: 1
    What is in Oracle's Solaris 10 Update 10?

    Well, since it was pulled, it is anyone's guess... but here is the information I gathered.
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