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Change Colour scheme in Hyperion Workspace

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How to change the color scheme in Hyperion Workspace ( version in different enviornments

Thanks in Advance!!!


  • beyerch2
    beyerch2 Member Posts: 801 Gold Badge
    Let me preface my reply with the statement that I have not done this in 11; however, I have in System 9. I'm expecting it is similar; however, I cannot guarantee it. The flip side is that it should only take a couple minutes to test this out.....

    The Hyperion products make use of CSS for applying themes to the web pages. The good news here is that if you at all handy with making changes to CSS files, you can make global changes relatively quickly to the site. In addition to controlling items like font colors, you can control font sizes, font types, spacing, background colors, dividers, etc, etc, etc. Additionally, the themes also include many of the common pieces of artwork/graphics used by the sites which you could change out if you wanted.

    The default theme used is theme_tadpole

    Depending on your specific environment, you'll find this folder in one of the following places:

    \BIPlus\AppServer\InstalledApps\workspace_static\themes\theme_tadpole\images_global\If you are not using a Web server, the filepath to logon_panel.gif is similar to this:


    \BIPlus\AppServer\InstalledApps\WebLogic\8.1\Workspace\applications\workspace\themes\theme_tadpole (assumes you're running Weblogic 8.1 but you should get the idea)

    You will probably also see another theme, theme_tadpole_HC (I assume that stands for High Contrast).


    What you can do from this point is make changes to the theme_tadpole folder as you see fit. I will suggest the following :

    - Backup the original folder (duh!)
    - Get yourself a color wheel. The colors as defined in the CSS will be using Hex. #CC0011 is a shade of red. (Use a free site like to enter the codes in the CSS to figure out what colors they are in "real life")
    - Decide what colors you want to replace and make a X-ref list
    - Get yourself a good text search/replace tool (i.e., search for the old color, and replace it everywhere in the theme folder. There are many references to the same colors in the CSS and unless you want to change them all manually.....


    Hope that helps.
  • Vasavya Chowdary
    Vasavya Chowdary Member Posts: 1,088
    hi thanks for good post how about making installed EAS client changes i would like to makes changes in EAS logo
  • beyerch2
    beyerch2 Member Posts: 801 Gold Badge

    Not 100% where that file would be; however...... Install fiddler2 ( and load the page with the logo and it will show you the specific GET request passed to the server. This should expose enough enough to allow you to search the file/file structures on the server to find the location. You may also be able to just right click on the file from the browser and click on properties; however, I know on some pages, Hyperion/Oracle messes with click functionality........

    Shouldn't be too difficult to track it down. Just be sure to replace it with an image of a similar size; otherwise, you will probably have some page formatting issues.
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