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use OdiInvokeWebService in order to call EPMA

daniela.alexandru Member Posts: 45
edited Jan 12, 2012 3:16AM in EPM System Infrastructure
Hi everybody,

Using EPM11 with Oracle 11 database.
I am new to using web services.
I want to use ODI in order to call an EPMA service.

In an ODI package, creare a OdiInvokeWebService object that is calling
http://<epma server>/hyperion-bpma-server/Sessions.asmx?wsdl

When I click the advanced button, it brings me the methods I can use. I want to use the CreateSession method which is asking me 3 parameters:
username, password, connection string.

I specifiy the username and password, but I do not know what to specify for the connection string so I left it blank.
When I generate the response I get error:

com.sunopsis.wsinvocation.SnpsWSInvocationException: The server sent HTTP status code 415: Unsupported Media Type
at oracle.odi.wsinvocation.client.impl.jaxws.OdiJaxwsClientImpl.requestReply(
at oracle.odi.wsinvocation.client.impl.jaxws.OdiJaxwsOracleClientImpl.requestReply(
at com.sunopsis.graphical.wsclient.RequestWsPane$11$1.doInBackground(
etc ....

1. What does this error mean? What is that I'm doing wrong?
2. Do I have to specify a connection string or the field is optional? if I have to specifiy the connection string, how does the string looks like? what is it's format?
3. Where can I found more info/documentation on the EPMA services, their methods and parameters?

Any feedback will be very appreciate,
thank you all


  • JohnGoodwin
    JohnGoodwin Member Posts: 30,471 Blue Diamond
    I am not sure how much success you will have with using EPMA web services, they are not really documented and ODI doesn't handle the EPMA web services very well.
    I wrote a blog a while back using ODI 10g and EPMA 11.1.1.x -


  • Hi John,

    Thank you very much for the reply.
    And yes, it is exactly the exercise in your blog that I was trying. Only that I get that error and cannot continue the exercise.

    The strange thing is that that EPM WebService called from soapUI4.0.1 it is working. From ODI is not working .... so I was questioning myself why.

  • JohnGoodwin
    JohnGoodwin Member Posts: 30,471 Blue Diamond
    I have found that using OdiInvokeWebService tool can be dependent on version of ODI (lots of patches with web services), version of Java, sometimes some of the jar files that ODI uses can cause problems, and ultimately it can depend on the web service it is calling. You can have lots of success and sometimes end up giving up with it.


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