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KPI Filtering in OBIEE 11g

I've successfully installed OBIEE and I'm starting testing the new 11g features.
One problem I've run into is fairly simple in definition: how can I filter a KPI through a watchlist or a strategy map?
I know that in defining watchlists and scorecard one can use the POV bar, and indeed it works perfectly, but when I put the watchlist or scorecard on a dashboard it's not possible to filter KPI results through a filter, and the pov bar control simply doesn't show up.
Can anyone help on this matter?
Thanks in advance!



  • Hi - don't know if you solved this yet but the way we do this is to place a Prompt on the dashboard. This prompt set a Presentation Variable (click on "Options" when building the prompt) and, when you have the watchlist on the dashboard, you can edit the pinnings and set them to "Presentation Variable" and type the name of the variable in. BE WARNED the variables are case sensitive. Hope this helps
  • 987994
    987994 Member Posts: 74
    Hi ,
    As you have mentioned i have created a column prompt with presentation variable as "presyr"

    i have a KPI , where the "target value" should have the value captured in "presyr" . So i have used the expression in target value as @{presyr}

    i have put the kpi to a watchlist with "use point of view" option (i cannot use variables here as there is no presentation variable there)

    After that i have put prompt and KPIwatchlist to dashboard while putting KPIwatchlist to dashboard i have used "use variable " option and i have selected presentation variable with value as "presyr"

    but still the presentation value is not passing to target value in KPI

    Did i missed any step please help

  • mbp
    mbp Member Posts: 22

    I have installed Obiee and I have the same problem. Finally did you can resolve this problem ? or somebody to know the solution.

    I will appreciate your help

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