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Undo drills and view prompt values warning message on a dashboard page

Hi ,

I have created a dashboard with a single page containing two sections. In first section i am having a prompted report for region and a Region Dashboard prompt ,
in second section i am having two prompted reports for region , i mean region dashboard prompt drives all other reports in that page. When ever I select a region from the dashboard prompt i am seeing message on Dashboard page as **"_Undo drills and view prompt values_"**

If any one having the solution let me know in detail,How to overcome this.......
PedroF2839684Marcelo Finkielsztein


  • vpulapa
    vpulapa Member Posts: 133
    When there is no data for selected prompts this will be message, you probably select a default value for the prompted columns which has data to be displayed.
  • 915764
    915764 Member Posts: 7
    How to add default values for the prompted columns ? I mean do i need to add default values for each column prompts ? if yes how can i do it in
  • MuRam
    MuRam Member Posts: 1,178

    While creating prompts. you can see the properties as "Default" , here you can add specific values or variables.


    NOTE: Please mention if this resolved your problem/still facing and close the thread to assist others with similar problems.
  • 915764
    915764 Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the reply ram, i have specified a value. Even then i am facing the same issue
  • Dhar
    Dhar SingaporeMember Posts: 640 Silver Badge

    I think this is due to the the prompt value with which the report run previously, is not available now.

    Say, you run the child report with a value 'A' in the prompt.
    Next time, when the parent report does not have value 'A' for whatever the reason may be, the child report shows up this message.

    So, to take off this message, you use a value which is always available( not always the option though ;)) or use some dummy value.

    Thank you,
  • 915764
    915764 Member Posts: 7
    Still the problem persists
  • 17194
    17194 Member Posts: 1
    Our problem got fixed, by removing the filters and adding them back in.
    Marcelo Finkielsztein
  • 1012455
    1012455 Member Posts: 1

    This issue is caused by having saved prompt value in the analysis.
    Check if there is a staticMemberGroup tag present in your analysis XML (edit the analysis and go to Advanced tab to see the XML). Within the staticMemberGroup element will be your saved value.

    How to fix this:
    Remove the column from the prompt section of the analysis. You can move it to excluded columns or remove it from the report completely. Purpose of this is to get the analysis refreshed so we get new XML without the saved value.
    After the analysis is refreshed you can put the column back to the prompts section and save.
    Check the XML again and make sure that staticMemberGroup element is not present.

    The important thing here is not to choose any value in your prompt while you are in edit mode before you save the analysis. This is how a static value gets saved in the XML.

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