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DR Server Using SAN Replication - Configuration


We are using EPMA and SQL Server 2008 and are trying to setup a Disaster Recovery server using SAN replication.

We have a production server X1 and a database server Y1 which contains X1's repository. We also have a disaster recovery server X2 which is the SAN replicated clone of X1. Finally we have a database server Y2 (for X2's repository) which is the clone of Y1.

We are trying to configure the disaster recovery server X2 with the database server Y2. When I try to configure shared services with the database server Y2, hyperion is asking me to drop the existing tables in the database and create new ones. This will cause loss of data which is present in the tables. Therefore I would like to manually edit the configuration files and update the Y2 database server details. Could you please tell me how to do this ?

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