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What is the default password for SYS?

884659 Member Posts: 83
edited Mar 12, 2012 5:48PM in Database Security - General
I'm trying to connect to an Oracle 11gR2 database on Linux using sqlplus.

The sys user password version is 10G and sys is one of the usersname returned by the view dba_users_with_defpwd.

Issuing sqlplus sys will get the prompt Enter Password: but I have no idea what password I should enter.

I kind of remember that the installation has a screen to enter password for SYS but I'm not sure what has been done on that screen since I didn't do the installation.

Thanks for any help.
M-OracleCarlos Benassiyoonas


  • Hi,

    If you set the environment variables ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID and the user you are using on the Linux box is the one you used when installed the Oracle software (you own the files); you will be able to connect as sys internally without the need to supply the password:

    [email protected]:~ $ sqlplus / as sysdba

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  • kuljeet singh -
    kuljeet singh - Member Posts: 3,752 Gold Trophy
    if you want to reset the password of sys. you can recreate the password file with below cmd.

    $ orapwd
    Usage: orapwd file=<fname> password=<password> entries=<users> force=<y/n> nosysdba=<y/n>

    file - name of password file (mand),
    password - password for SYS (mand),
    entries - maximum number of distinct DBA,
    force - whether to overwrite existing file (opt),
    nosysdba - whether to shut out the SYSDBA logon (opt for Database Vault only).
    There are no spaces around the equal-to (=) character.

    --kuljeet Singh
  • 813964
    813964 Member Posts: 37
    sys password would be configured while creating the database or via password file .

    you can connect as below

    $ sqlplus
    $ / as sysdba

    OS user shoud habe the privs to connect to the database as DBA .

    FYI there is no default password for SYS (like scoot/tiger :) )
  • IronDrake
    IronDrake Member Posts: 30
    Hi There,

    Actually, when you create a database without providing a SYS or SYSTEM password Oracle creates these user with the following credentials:

    SYS: change_on_install
    SYSTEM: manager

    It's a good practice to change this passwords after the database creation (you can specify this passwords in the CREATE DATABASE command).

    Carlos Benassiyoonas
  • Hans Forbrich
    Hans Forbrich Edmonton, AlbertaMember Posts: 11,543 Gold Trophy
    SYS is a special user. Eventually you want to learn a bit about it's password requirements from

    If you log on to the operating system on which the database s/w is installed, in command line as the user who owns the Oracle software, you will be able to run the command
    sqlplus / as sysdba
    to log in. The password is required when you log in across the network (and SQLNet has been setup correctly) or from an OS user that does not have 'DBA' privs.
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