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Connect to database

sapna.handyal Ms.Member Posts: 7
edited Mar 29, 2012 11:04AM in Complex Event Processing

I was using a Persistent Store to Record and Playback Events. The documentation for the same includes the steps to configure an Event Store for Oracle CEP Server, for the default (Apache Derby) database.

I need the steps to configure an Event store for Oracle database.



  • Hi,

    You can refer to the server's configuration XSD for help on how to configure a data source. Below is a sample for your convenience:

    -server config.xml
  • sapna.handyal
    sapna.handyal Ms. Member Posts: 7
    Hi Junger,

    Thanks for the sample. Once I do this, I need to specify the RDBMS Event Store Provider by adding an <rdbms-event-store-provider> element to the server's config file. In that case, my code will be (according to the documentation):


    According to my understanding, the "my-rdbms-provider" event store is the default event store that comes along with the Berkeley DB. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Where and how do I define my event store for the Oracle database?

  • Hi,

    Event store is designed for record/playback, you can configure as the following to use the event store:


    <dataset-name>wlevsqa</dataset-name><!--Note that wlevsqa is a schema name(user) in the DB -->
  • sapna.handyal
    sapna.handyal Ms. Member Posts: 7
    Hi Junger,

    I am able to store events (of a single event type - totalEventType) in the database. Thanks for the guidance.

    But the events are being stored in a table called "tuplevalue", even though

    <dataset-name>system</dataset-name> and <provider-name>provider</provider-name>. How do I change the table name? Also, Is there a way where I can specify the table in which the events should be stored?

    Along with this, I tried storing multiple event types:


    In this case, events are being recorded, i.e. the EVENT_STORE_SUPPORTED_TYPE table, has the records - totalEventType & BAMMessageEvent.
    But data is getting recorded in the same "tuplevalue" table. (columns with values of totalEventType are "null" and new columns with values of BAMMessageEvent have been added & populated, to the "tuplevalue" table)

    When I do not specify any event type, there is an error for no event type specified.

    How do I deal with this?
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