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How to save automatically scheduled Discoverer workbook as a file?

user410510 Member Posts: 1
edited Nov 5, 2012 3:55AM in Discoverer

When I run a Discoverer report I have the option to export as a file in various formats (PDF, TXT, Excel).

I’ve scheduled a workbook in discoverer and I want it not only to be saved in the Discoverer itself, I also want it to be saved as a file (PDF, TXT, Excel) when it finished running.

Can someone please explain how can it be done?

Another issue:

Is it possible to use other kinds of triggers to run the report beside a schedule?
Meaning – I want the report to run immediately when payroll (trigger exists in DB) finished running.




  • Rod West
    Rod West Member Posts: 4,025 Gold Trophy
    Can someone please explain how can it be done?
    You cannot save Discoverer scheduled into a file automatically.
    Is it possible to use other kinds of triggers to run the report beside a schedule?
    If you want to automatically generate Discoverer reports in files then you should consider using a third party scheduler such as windows task manager to automatically generate reports using Disco Desktop.

    We run Discoverer workbooks through the EBS concurrent manager, so that, for example, you can schedule a workbook as part of a payroll request set. You can look at this [url]article for ideas on how to do this.

    Rod West
  • Nitesh Sharma
    Nitesh Sharma Member Posts: 5 Blue Ribbon

    I had the same requirement and i achieved it by the combination of Descoverer Scheduled report and oracle concurrent program. In a brief the process goes like this:

    1.) Create and schedule the discoverer Report on periodic basis. For example every hour starting from morning 9:00 AM.
    2.) As soon as schedule report start running at 9:00 AM, it will create a table in DB to store the output of the execution.
    3.) Create a query to fetch the last executed report output.
    4.) Get the table name created for the last executed output.
    5.) Create the oracle apps concurrent program to perform step 3 & 4 dynamically.
    6.) Also, write the code in the concurrent program to Generate Excel/Text/CSV/PDF file by selecting values from the last created table.
    7.) Schedule the concurrent program at the time which is the possible/approximate end time of discoverer report execution. For example, if your report take 15 mins to complete, then schedule your program at 9:20 (giving some buffer time just in case).

    Now, your discoverer report is scheduled every hour and take 15 mins to complete. And your concurrent program is also schduled to fetch last executed data and create file (and possible Email/FTP them) form the output.

    Hope this helps. Do feel free to revert in case you require queries that i have used to perform above mentioned steps.

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