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Call a Java Class using the CALLJAVA tag

933715 Member Posts: 9
edited May 7, 2012 10:03AM in WebCenter Sites
Hi everyone,

I`m using webcenter Sites last version and I want to access a class that was made by me too. To do this call I`m using the CALLJAVA xml tag in a jsp template.

My problem is that the tag do not find the class that I placed in the Java class path and returns me the 900 erro code that means "Java class not found".

Following the documentation I implemented the COM.FutureTense.XML.Template.Seed interface, created the jar and put it in the Weblogic path below:


The code is that:

<SETVAR NAME="errno" VALUE="0"/>
<CALLJAVA CLASS="timeexample">
<ARGUMENT NAME="logindate"
<IF COND="IsError.Variables.errno=true">
<!--Handle error-->

Please I need some help. Thanks.


  • Dolf Dijkstra-Oracle
    Dolf Dijkstra-Oracle Technical Director Member Posts: 14

    The CALLJAVA tag is for XML elements, and the syntax of your element suggests that you are using an XML element, opposed to a jsp element. Can you verify that you element is of type xml or jsp?

    If you are using a JSP element you can just call you java class directly, there is no need to implement a Seed interface. You can create a scriplet an do <% new timeexample().myMethod(session.getParameter("logintime"); etc. %>

    If you are executing a XML element, the jar file needs to go into WEB-INF/lib of the Sites web application. You may need to redeploy the webapp, depending on how you configured weblogic.

  • 933715
    933715 Member Posts: 9

    Thanks for the answer Dolf. I think that by JSP is a better solution. Is it possible to create a webservice client in a java class, deploy it in a jar file, put in WEB-INF/lib and use that WS client in a Webcenter site template?

    That`s my inicial idea calling a java class.

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