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Oracle Web Center New Features Demo

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edited May 18, 2012 9:30AM in WebCenter Sites

Does anybody have oracle web center new features demo?
It will be great, If you can share it.

Documentation states that, It has features like below:

New capabilities to operate on multiple assets efficiently, including bulk deletion, approval, and bookmarking. These operations are conveniently available from search results screens. Operations can be executed by selecting multiple assets and pressing a single button.

But I can not perform bulk delete asset.

Documentation also states that, It has features like Drag And Drop:

My understanding from the documentation is an asset's attributes are dragged and dropped into advanced UI. Pls correct me, If I am wrong.

Is there any demo available for drag and drop feature of oracle 11g webcenter?

Documentation also states that, It has features like customizable dash board:

New customizable dashboard: A customizable dashboard is now provided out-of-the-box. Widgets to manage assignments, bookmarks, and checkouts are included. Widgets can be rearranged on the dashboard using simple drag-and-drop, and custom widgets can be added to satisfy unique business needs.

Pls let me know, where the dashboard is available and how to implement the above mentioned features.

Thanks And Regards

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  • Hi,

    If you mean video demo, then there is a link to it on WebCenter blog ( - On Demand Webcast - Introducing Oracle WebCenter Sites: Transforming the Online Experience. You can start from ~ 10th minute to see content administration.

    Direct link: (requires registration).

    "dropped into advanced UI." - There is no more advanced UI, there is an Admin UI and New tab-based Contributor Interface which merge an Insite and Dash and somehow Advanced Interfaces together.

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