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Content Server installation for Delivery


I have managed to do a content management installation with a single node to a WebLogic domain. I have read the installation documentation available but have not found instructions on how to set up a delivery configuration. The installer gives you an option at "Sites System Type" to select "Delivery System" and I understand this creates a deployment package for delivery only installation.

However, it is not clear whether I need to create an additional domain to host the delivery installation. So, should I do a setup like this:
SitesEditorialDomain with SitesEditorialCluster containing a single node SitesEditorialServer01 - this would be the content management site
SitesDeliveryDomain with SitesDeliveryCluster containing one or more nodes (like SitesDeliveryServer01 and so forth) this would be the target for publishing content
SitesSatelliteDomain with SitesSatelliteCluster containing one or more satellite server nodes to serve cached content

This would resemble the Fatwire installations I am familiar with. Am I on a right track?

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