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About suspended job

Nicolas Gasparotto
Nicolas Gasparotto Oracle & Peoplesoft DBAThe NetherlandsMember Posts: 25,514 Silver Crown
edited Jun 4, 2012 2:07AM in Enterprise Manager

I'm working on OEM on AIX5.3 and Oracle

If I suspend a job execution, I expect any of the coming executions not being fired until resume. However, they are triggered (but not executed) falling in "problem" status stating "skipping" on each target of the job.
It is wrong IMO, well, at least under OEM 11gR1, the suspended job were not triggered at all.
Here, I have several hundreds jobs having "problem", but very tedious now to distinguish which ones are expecting problem (from suspended job) from the ones which have really a problem. Note that if I resume the job, whether the job is scheduled as expected on the next run, the problem still remains.
Any clue on how to overcome this issue ?


Best Answer

  • Adeesh Fulay
    Adeesh Fulay Member Posts: 99
    Answer ✓

    We have an ER to move skipped to its own status bucket, and not overload the problems bucket. This should be available in a future release. Unfortunately, for now there is no way to identify unless you drill into the job details.


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