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Authentication using Satellite and CS

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edited Jun 11, 2012 11:09AM in WebCenter Sites
Hi guys,

We are developing a selfservice portal for a telecom company, and we are using FatWire to handle the portal aspects of the site. In this portal we have a secure area that just clients of that company can access, so, when the user register in the portal, we have to link that user with a existing customer in the CRM database.

As we are using WLS, we implemented a custom security provider to perform the correlation and we are using JAAS, so we configurated the web.xml to security url patterns based on roles. Also we implemented a wrapper and using that wrapper we mapped the ACLs based on the Session's principals.

That works for CS.

But when we put a Satellite server ahead the CS server, the principal is mapped just in Satellite so the wrapper can't map the ACLs, because principal in CS doesn't exist.

In the last couple days we were struggling with that and exploring alternatives, but without success.

Do you guys have any suggestion of what we can or what we should do?

Thanks in advance,

Tiago Nascimento


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