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Related to timeline and space saving upon Oracle Advance compression

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edited Dec 5, 2012 4:43AM in Advanced Compression
- On what basis need to pick the table first to run compression advisor ?
- How much space we can save by using Advance Compression method?
-In general, how long take to complete table compression activity? Do we have some method available to speed up the compression activities. Because have huge no. of tables to do the compression.
-Do we have some other method to free more space on the OS level if yes please define?



  • All depend on your scenario. No hard and fast rules here.

    To be on the safer side compress the least active tables first. For larger tables, choose the least active partitions.

    On average you can reduce space usage on tables by 60%. But it totally depends on the profile of your data.

    Time it takes to compress depend on the amount of data you have ( rather than the no. of tables ) and the power of your server.
    You can take the compression in low-active windows. Don't take the all the tables at once. Segment the tables and take one segment at a time.
    It's not just compressing the tables. Existing data is compressed by rebuilding table. When a table is rebuilt indexes also should be rebuilt.
    May be it's worthwhile to consider compressing indexes also. In that case, you may need to drop the indexes and re-create them compression enabled.

    Trace files, core dumps, listener logs, archive logs
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