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hostname change to OEM Server..

Cerbera17-Oracle Member Posts: 8 Employee
edited Jul 20, 2012 8:46AM in Enterprise Manager
We have customer who is using cloud control but has incorrectly named the OMS server (joint OMS/DB server).
Agents are configured and Linux provisioning has been done using it but the OMS server hostname needs to be changed.
Can this be done without re-installing the whole product? What are the steps required?

kind regards


  • I am afraid changing hostname post install is not recommended. I know its pain for the customer when he has done so much work/setup now. Why does he want to change the hostname now?

    Just to share the road map, In the next release of EM, the installer will display you the hostname that it has picked up for installing the EM and user will be allowed to change it in the installer runtime.
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