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Failed scheduled backup

t0t0 Member Posts: 8
edited Aug 3, 2012 5:27AM in Enterprise Manager
I tried to backup the database that is used for Enterprise Manager 12c schema but i got this error:

install_driver(Oracle) failed: Attempt to reload DBD/ aborted.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 15) line 3.

at - line 1544

Is there a problem with EM core agent ?


  • Adeesh Fulay
    Adeesh Fulay Member Posts: 99
    I am not sure i follow. How are you trying to back up the EM repository database, from EM itself or using some other utility?
  • t0t0
    t0t0 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the response!
    I tried from EM itself by scheduling Full Backup. When i try from RMAN everything is working. After the installation of EM the middleware was automatically monitored, I just added the database and the listener to EM which were on the same host.
  • Adeesh Fulay
    Adeesh Fulay Member Posts: 99
    I think you want to backup this database using RMAN directly. If you take a full backup using EM, then the repository DB will have to be shutdown which kind of breaks the automation.
  • t0t0
    t0t0 Member Posts: 8
    I want to do online backup. Why do i have to shut down the repository DB? In other installation the agent which came with EM was not working so I deployed another one. In this case it was possible to schedule and do online backups from EM on repository DB.
    I can deploy another agent again but I thing with fresh installation of EM the agent is supposed to work properly.
  • sxkumar
    sxkumar Member Posts: 161
    Please log a SR for further assistance. It is not clear from the conversation as to how you are trying to use EM and what may be going on behind the scene. This requires more detailed investigation.

    Please feel free to ping us with SR number for the follow up.
  • mnazim-Oracle
    mnazim-Oracle Member Posts: 3,814
    edited Aug 3, 2012 5:27AM
    It seems you are running on Sles10, If yes, please install these two package and check.

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