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Email Notifications not working?

954887 Member Posts: 1
edited Aug 9, 2012 11:40PM in Enterprise Manager

First of all I'm working with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g and I was reading the documentation to see how to configure email notifications. I followed all the steps and ran the tests (they worked), then I checked the rules I wanted to subscribe to and created another rule so I get notifications whenever a job starts/ends/has a problem, etc, but it doesn't work. I've schedules about a dozen jobs already and none of them produces an email notification.

Let me remind you that the SMTP test did work so the issue isn't there. Notification schedule was also configured to have my email as the one to send the mails to. I'm completely lost and nothing seems to get this work... Any suggestions?



  • Loc Nhan-Oracle
    Loc Nhan-Oracle Member Posts: 770 Employee
    Make sure that one or more of the following options in the "E-Mail Notification for Owner" section are appropriately selected in the Access tab for the jobs.

    Scheduled, Running, Suspended, Completed, Problems, Action Required.

    For more information, see MOS note # 414409.1.

    - Loc
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