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CEP deployment strategies to avoid loosing events

Daniel Amadei-Oracle
Daniel Amadei-Oracle Member Posts: 34
edited Oct 5, 2012 7:35AM in Complex Event Processing
Hi all,

We have a long running application monitoring credit card authorization events. We have to monitor the events all day long and measure if we have too much authorization failures during 24h range, sliding every 5 minutes, generating an event if we find too much failures.

My doubt is how to deploy a new version of my application without loosing the events already analyzed for the day as we can't afford loosing them and it's a 24x7 monitoring.

Is this possible? What are the recommended practices involved?



  • alexalves
    alexalves Member Posts: 99
    Hi Daniel,

    My suggestion here is to 'record' the input events (i.e. record-playback feature), and playback the stream for the new application.

    The record-playback service has some scheduling configuration, where you can probably set it up to be smart about it, for example, by recording every 5 minutes, etc.

    Hope this helps,
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